Romantic Suspense Novel

Though names may be forgotten,
the pain and fear live on …

Having almost lost his life in Afghanistan, former United States Marine Noah is back stateside, trying his best to recover. But, while struggling to regain his memories after experiencing such trauma, there’s something just beyond his reach that haunts him.

Before his dread can grow, he meets Océane, an intriguing yet infuriating woman, who drives Noah crazy from the very moment they meet. Though she’s nothing like anyone he’s ever met before, she has secured a place for herself in his heart. But, little do they know, that’s a dangerous place for Océane to be …

For someone from Noah’s dark past is searching for him.


Will Noah and Océane be able to let their feelings for each other flourish? Or will they find themselves succumbing to the darkness that comes with Her?

Author J.M. Buckley gives audiences a suspenseful romance that will have them on their toes with “HER.” This captivating and dangerously enticing read will leave readers unable to put it down until the last page has been turned.

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