Book 1 - Adore Series

I Adore You

     Contemporary Romance

“That was a hundred times better than I ever imagined,” Tyler murmured as he drank in Rachel’s flushed cheeks and dazzling smile. “And trust me, I’ve imagined a lot about you.”

A shattered marriage.

Thirty-three-year-old Rachel never expected her life to turn out like this. A terrible secret comes to light and destroys her marriage. Much to her dismay, she finds herself rebuilding her life from the ground up. Starting with a new position as a photographer at a nearby university.

A brand-new life.

But she soon realizes that there is far more in store for her than a job. For when nineteen-year-old Tyler, a stunningly handsome student guide enters her life, she finds her heart captivated as it has never been before. And though Tyler seems to return these feelings, there’s one problem: he’s way too young for her.

A sudden and unexpected romance.

Tyler is immediately enchanted by Rachel and knows that she’s nothing like any girl he’s been with before. But she’s wary of him, and he realizes that if he wants to win her heart for good, he has to show her that love knows no age.

Can Tyler and Rachel overcome their preconceived notions about one another? And give in to their hidden desires? Or will they risk losing a chance at true love?

Author J.M. Buckley offers a fun, sexy, humorous, and flirtatious take on love after heartbreak in “I Adore You.”

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