Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense

I Adore You

Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy

You Adore Me

Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy


J. M. Buckley

For J.M. Buckley, writing became an outlet to explore an overactive imagination and to answer those pesky what-if questions. A former journalist, web designer, and computer technician, Buckley draw on these experiences to create a uniquely realistic perspective as an author. Residing in Florida, Buckley has amassed an eclectic assortment of outdoor creatures. They include four sandhill cranes, one blue heron, two raccoons, four cats, and a murder of crows. Yet, oddly enough, they all seem to get along.

A voracious reader of romance, historical fiction, thrillers, and fantasy novels, Buckley creates exceptionally intricate narratives, which thrust readers into compelling plots and involve them in the provocative lives of each character.

I Adore You and its sequel, You Adore Me, are the most recent publication from a collection of contemporary romance novels.

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